Studio/Backing Musician

  • Support musician for performances
  • Session work for audio-visual projects
  • Music video appearances

Steelpan Performance - features & benefits include:

  • A Unique Instrument
    • The Steelpan, originating from the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago
    • The acoustic instrument invented in the 20th century
    • Its sweet, vibrant tones are intriguing and captivating
  • The Music You Love 
    • Wide, ever-evolving repertoire 
    • Songs across many genres including Pop, Hip-Hop R&B, and Reggae
  • Engaging Performances: 
    • Steelpan soloist with over 20 years of experience
    • Performed at a variety of community events, private functions, and weddings

Creative consultation and management for events and audiovisual projects

  • Idea generation (themes, song requests)
  • Feasibility analysis (needs, limitations)
  • Vendor recommendation
  • Event logistics
  • Hire, direct, coordinate vendors (photographers, videographers, DJs, etc.) depending on client needs

Public Speaking

  • Sharing the history of the Steelpan 
  • Sharing my journey as an artist & entrepreneur
  • Inspiring listeners to follow their dreams